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Intelligent, creative and beautifully crafted homeopathic software.

MacRepertory Our repertory program.

ReferenceWorks Our library and case analysis program.

Macrepertory is our Repertorisation program.  It's very easy to use and fully customisable. From the very beginning and later as your understanding evolves, you'll find all the tools and flexibility you need. Beautifully crafted and easy to use. You'll love it.  Simple at first, but soon you'll discover just how powerful it is.

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Loved by thousands of homeopathic leaders and teachers worldwide, MacRepertory combines a solid, traditional approach to repertorising with dozens of inspirational features. Our team has worked incredibly hard for twenty years, to bring you homeopathic software, which carries the hopes and inspiration of many contributors.

Find the simillimum easier, faster and more accurately than ever before with this wonderful homeopathic repertory software.

Almost every leading homeopathy in the world uses MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.


Searching, researching, analysis repertorising and family friendly.

ReferenceWorks is a wonderfully rich analysis system based on a huge library of 815 Volumes. (Library G2) Two hundred years of published homeopathic wisdom, plus the wisdom of the current masters and so much more. It's simply awe-inspiring and yet so easy to use.

Search for a word, a phrase, an idea, or a theme. Create complex searches and export them to MacRepertory. Repertorise directly from the Materia Medica. Limit your remedy graph to a family group with our beautiful Family Maps. graphs.

Find a patient's symptoms anywhere they may be hidden in any or all of the materia medica and repertories.

ReferenceWorks Introduction
Libraries RW Lib. Core 2 ; The Full Library G II

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