Vega Rosenberg

Vega Rozenberg
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 Vega Rosenberg was one of the first homeopaths to realize the value of organizing remedies into families. But where most visionaries have used traditional groupings Vega created a wide assortment of different sorts of families with the remedies based on his clinical experience. His 80 groups contain about 4000 additions from 1339 different remedies.

There are groups for people whose main problems are centered in the hormones, liver, kidneys, lungs, rectum, CNS, etc and natural groups like nuts, flowers, flying bugs, fruit, gases, lilies, roses, etc.

You’ll find unusual groups like Beef (You have been "had" by the story, they go round and round without telling you what you need to know), KooKoo (Pendulums, aliens, hysterical, space cadet, not rooted in reality, going to psychics), Killers (Scary movies, these remedies kill themselves and the environment), Push-overs (People who can be abused and you can make them do things you want; repressed anger remedies), etc.

This repertory is excellent at helping you to zero in on remedies very close to the case; Vega’s students find it profoundly useful and you’ll discover it adds a powerful tool to your analysis toolkit!

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