ReferenceWorks Pro

ReferenceWorks is available in two versions:  Classic and Pro.   The Pro version has more features and costs more.

ReferenceWorks Pro


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ReferenceWorks 4 Pro with Library G3 is a ground-breaking program that enables you to find a patient's symptoms anywhere they might be hiding, in over 850 volumes of materia medica and repertories.

For a look at what is new in ReferenceWorks 4 Pro, when compared with RW 3 Pro, download a pdf file here.

Features unique to ReferenceWorks 4 Pro

Analyze using the Materia Medica to a Waffle, Numbered, City, Scatter Graphs.

Take a look at this Remedy Graph below. It is analysing the contents of Rubric Clipboard A, which has three rubrics in it. vide supra Each of the buttons along the top is for a different type of graph. Some apply limits and you can create your own. Look at the following image and guess what each button does.


Once you've found every reference ever recorded, ReferenceWorks analyzes the results to help you find the simillimum! ReferenceWorks combines the completeness of the materia medica with the ease and power of a repertorial program.

The process is simple: type in a few words and specify if they should be found in the same remedy, section, paragraph or sentence (separated by a specific number of words). Then press enter and within a second you see every reference to your symptom. The results are impressive. For example, youll find 62 remedies in ReferenceWorks for fear of dogs while Kents Repertory only knows of six!

You can browse through the books just as you can the ones on your desk only more quickly and effortlessly; click in and out of the list of books or view a list of remedies, click on a single remedy and leap directly from book to book while remaining within that remedy as you study it.

As you search for symptoms you are creating rubrics that can then be analyzed just as they could from a repertory! With a single click create bar, scatter, waffle, city and other graphs of the best remedies for the case.

Or go beyond single remedies with one of our 30 stunning family graphs. From bacteria and animals to developmental stages and miasms these maps illuminate the kingdoms and make it far easier to confidently prescribe lesser known remedies.

With the help of Asa Hershoff, Massimo Mangialavori, Andreas Bjørndal, Vega Rozenberg, Rajan Sankaran, Roger Morrison and others weve organized all of the remedies into 1300 color-coded botanical, chemical and biological families. And we have gone beyond the traditional kingdoms with such groups as Miasms, Five Elements, Plant Chemicals, Vegas Boxes, Murphys Planets, Boyds Types, etc. (And if you feel that isnt enough you can create your own!)

A simple click limits your graphs to a family: snakes, nuts, the typhoid miasm or sunflowers that are syphilitic, etc. 
Want more info about a remedy? Weve included a thousand remedy descriptions with pictures, natural history and proving information. 
Want to use your search as a rubric in MacRepertory? No problem. 
Our programs know how to communicate; just copy and paste! 

Materia Medica

The text of the materia medica looks familiar. For example the grades are shown in bold, capitals, or italics, but unlike paper books you can jump from the mind symptoms of one book to the mind symptoms of another.

With the combined resources of provingsarticles, materia medica and repertory extractions, you can find every description of any remedy instantly with a few clicks of a mouse, with this homeopathic software.

You can search individual books staying within the same remedy, discovering the original author's observations and clinical experiences. Slide over a quick bookmark, jump to another book, section or remedy, and then go back to the reference at any time. With the variety of viewpoints at your fingertips you will feel more confident about your prescription and save time in the process.

Besides time, ReferenceWorks will save you money; its library is far less expensive than buying the physical books, many of which are long out of print and impossible to find. ReferenceWorks is available with the Basic Library (125 volumes of the classics) or the Professional Library (350 volumes of classic and contemporary authors).

With such a rich homeopathic library in your laptop, or on your desk, you'll always have just what you need. This is homeopathic software which you will truly love.

For a more detailed explanation of the features, try the Quick Tour.

Compared with ReferenceWorks 2.x

There are seven years of full time developmental advances between RW 2.6 and RW 3.3.  That's the same amount of development as was required to created original ReferenceWorks.

RW 3.3 Classic has a Bar Graph and a Waffle Graph. The Waffle Graph displays multiple searches (rubrics) just like in MacRepertory. There are 6 Rubrics' Clipboards where you can save sets of rubrics made from the searches.  The RW 2.x had only a simple Bar Graph. Multiple phrases can be searched for but all end as one "rubric" - no way to see the results of multiple individual searches at one time.
You can edit the rubrics that result from the searches - add, remove or change the grades of the remedies.

Contextual Menus

Right or ctrl clicking on items brings up options.  For example right clicking on any remedy anywhere brings up a menu option "Get Info", which will call an pdf file about that substance (about 1000 files in all most with photos), allows you to limit the window to the selected remedies and other options.

Contextural Menu

If you choose "Get Info" this is the first of three pages you see.



 Windows and results may be limited to any remedy or group of remedies. For example, as you narrow down the remedy possibilities you may limit the current results and windows to only show those remedies. You can also limit to books or sections; for example, you could limit your search to only books of provings, contemporary authors or journals, etc.

Limit Menu

Drag and Drop

- You can drag and drop remedies or groups of remedies from one window to the next to limit that window. For example, you want to see all of the books that have information about Falcon - drag the remedy to the materia medica.
In the Materia Medica window you can set the window to show remedies; clicking on the remedy shows the books that describe it.
Many many more features....