Statistics on Homeopathy

 Use of homeopathy by physicians in Europe



  • 40% (18,000) of French M.D.s have treated 40% of the French public (Compl Med Research, May 1990, 4(2)4-8.)
  • 40 % of Dutch
  • 37% of British and 42% of family physicians refer to homeopaths (BMJ, 292, June 7,1986, 1498-1500)
  • 20% of German
  • 20% of Scottish physicians have had training in homeopathy

    Homeopathy reimbursable under national health services


  • Britain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • India
  • Austria
  • Israel
  • Almost all private European health insurance schemes and a number of American ones will reimburse homeopathy if prescribed by a physician according to standardized codes.

    Five homeopathic hospitals in the UK


  • Royal London HH
  • Bristol HH
  • Tunbridge Wells HH
  • Liverpool HH
  • Glasgow HH

    Medical schools


  • Six French medical schools offer courses in homeopathy. It is also taught at all pharmacy schools, and four veterinary schools (Poll I.F.O.P. Feb.89)
  • homeopathy is a post-graduate training course for M.D.s (as an area of specialization)
  • all M.D.s in Germany are required to take 1 course in homeopathy
  • 80% of recent graduates from medical schools in Britain said they wanted training in either homeopathy, acupuncture, or hypnosis. (BMJ, 287,July 30,1983,337-39)
  • President Fran¬ćois Mitterand and six medical school deans called for more research on homeopathy in 1985 (Le Nouvel Observateur, Apr. 12, 1985, p.36-41)
  • there are five homeopathic medical colleges in Mexico teaching homeopathy - approved by WHO

    Some official organizations which represent M.D. homeopaths


  • Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis (10,000 members worldwide)
  • American Institute of Homeopathy (100 registered members) - unofficial estimates at 500-1000 practicing
  • Australia Medical Faculty of Homeopathy (150 members)
  • Austrian Association for Homeopathic Medicine (840 members)
  • Hellenic Homeopathic Medical Society (130 members) while Mexico has (246)

    In addition, the following countries have practicing M.D. or lay homeopaths numbering in the 100s or 1,000s


  • Spain
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Argentina
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • Benelux countries
  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • and many others



  • India has over 120 four and five year homeopathic medical colleges, and 100,000 homeopathic physicians and practitioners
  • Mother Teresa added homeopathic care to the services at her missions. She opened her first charitable homeopathic dispensary in Calcutta in 1950 and had a special interest in homeopathy because of its effectiveness and low cost.
  • United States
  • NEJM (1993) says one third of all Americans use some form of alternative medicine while in 1996 $14 billion was spent on alternative treatments alone
  • in 1990 two and a half million Americans used homeopathy, making about five million visits to homeopathic practitioners
  • in 1996 Americans spent $220 million on homeopathic medicines.



  • almost every pharmacy in Germany and France (20,000) stocks homeopathic remedies
  • the most popular cold and flu medicine in France is a homeopathic medicine
  • the most popular hayfever remedy in Germany is homeopathic, and other medicines for the common cold, sore throats and circulatory problems are in the top ten of their respective categories.

    Some interesting facts


  • the British Homeopathic Journal has been in continuous existence since 1844
  • Former President Gorbachev awarded a medal to Dr. Demyan Popov for his work in popularizing homeopathy
  • The prestigious "Alternative Nobel Prize" awarded by Uexkull Foundaton was given to George Vithoulkas, one of the world's leading homeopaths, for his work in the spread of homeopathy not only in Greece but world-wide.
  • at the turn of the century there were over 20 homeopathic medical schools in the U.S. And over 100 homeopathic hospitals, and 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies. People and homeopathy

    Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment - Mahatma Gandhi

    Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine - Charles Menninger, founder of the Menninger Clinic


  • Since its inception 200 years ago, homeopathy has attracted support from European royalty, the educated elite and leading artists. It was thus no surprise that one of the most expensive paintings ever sold was that of a portrait of a homeopathic physician, Dr. Gachet, drawn by her personal friend and patient, Vincent van Gogh. The painting sold for $82.5 million dollars. (Ullmann)
  • The former President of Germany Karl Karstens, and his wife, Dr. Veronica Karstens, who is a medical doctor and homeopathic physician, recently started a homeopathic research foundation. (Berlin Journal of Research in Homeopathy, UniversitŠtsklinikum Steglitz)
  • HOMINT documentation Information System supported by VSM and DHU (two largest homeopathic suppliers besides Boiron) has 35,000 literary references - articles and books - on homeopathy

    Homeopathy and veterinary medicine

    In a three-year study on 40 farms in Westfalia, Germany, farmers were able to reduce antibiotic use from 90 % to 26 %. In 60% of all cases, the homeopathic treatment was successful on its own. (Carstens Stiftung, Muenster from German Pharmaceutical Review, January 2002.