Quote sent to David by Christine Breen Williams, KHA's Irish Dealer
Recently, Rajan mentioned RefWorks and I thought I would let David know... 

"The case-form is like a scan for me. There was nothing that really stood out. What do I do? I tried to ask the type of pain. There was nothing much except the tenderness on touch. Then I put the following generals in RefWorks:
Cold damp agg
Touch agg
Bone injury
I got Ruta graveolens as the remedy. I have given her Ruta with full confidence that she will be better."


"It is hardly possible to give a remedy nowadays without the confirmation of either MR or RW. For example some of my last successful

DNA, Malus sylvestris, Taenia, Positronium, Scarab would not have been possible without either one of them... and I don't even have the latest version! unbelievable. Thank you very much." Pierre Fontaine