What is a Library?

A library is a collection of texts, which is designed either for MacRepertory or ReferenceWorks.

These texts include Repertories, Encyclopaedic Materia Medicas, Characteristic Materia, Keynotes and any other kind of material that relates to Materia Medica, including Provings, Lectures, Journals, etc.

In the case of MacRepertory it is confined to Repertories and Keynote style materia medica, or at least materia medicas of a modest size.

A book configured for MacRepertory may not be used in ReferenceWork and visa versa, but you may have the same book in both applications but they appear and behave differently.

Some book come as part of a particular library and some are sold separately.

When you upgrade MacRepertory, it is the repertory only, which you upgrade and the upgrade does not include any new books or repertories unless you specifically ask to purchase them.

A distant parallel is that of iTunes, where in you may upgrade the application to take advantage of new features, but you will still have the same music files even after the upgrade.

See MacRepertory Libraries and ReferenceWorks Libraries.