Hardware Requirements

For Windows & Macintosh - April 2009

Unfortunately we are unable to recommend specific types of computers, but our hardware requirements are listed below. In general, you should get the best computer you can for your money. Make sure it has the necessary hardware to last a few years, and that it will do everything that you need your computer for, not for KHA programs, but any other programs or software you may have installed.

Some things you should consider purchasing are:

  • All our software is supplied on DVD (except configuration files, which are on CDROM's)
  • A CD burner or portable drive to back up cases and important notes and repertory changes files.\.
  • As much hard drive space as possible. (Most computers have huge amounts).
  • As much RAM as possible. Somewhere around 1GB if available.  Lately 2GB has become the norm with new computers and this is good. (Very important for running multiple programs).


Here are the minimum hardware requirements to allow the best possible operation of KHA programs on your computer.

Hard Disk Space Requirements:-

Packages (Macintosh and Windows)

  • Everything Pro Package   5.0 GB
  • Super Pro Package          5.0 GB
  • Professional Package       4.5 GB
  • Graduate Package            4.5 GB
  • Classic Package               4.0 GB

ReferenceWorks 4 (Macintosh and Windows)

  • ReferenceWorks 4 Classic with Core Library   3.4 GB
  • ReferenceWorks 4 Classic with Library G3      3.4 GB
  • ReferenceWorks 4 Pro with Core Library        2.1 GB
  • ReferenceWorks 4 Pro with Library G3           3.5 GB 

MacRepertory 8 (Macintosh and Windows)

  • MacRepertory 8 Classic with Core III Library      2.3 GB
  • MacRepertory 8 Classic with Full Library VI        2.3 GB
  • MacRepertory 8 Pro with Core III Library           2.5 GB
  • MacRepertory 8 Pro with Full Library VI             2.5 GB

* adding extra books will increase requirements

Windows Computer System and Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 4 (or AMD equivalent) or better
  • System: Windows XP, Vista & Windows 7
  • Ports: USB ONLY (for Copy Protection Device)
  • RAM: 512 mb (minimum) but  much more is better.
  • Peripherals: DVD drive

Macintosh Computer System and Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: G4 or better
  • System: 10.4.11 or higher.
  • RAM: 1GB (minimum) more is better.
  • Ports: USB port(for Copy Protection Device)
  • DVD drive


General Advice:-

It's good to have a high quality laptop, which you can carry from home to work.
At work and at home, it's very useful to have a large desktop monitor to plug your laptop into.

This may be better alternative than having two computers with some case files on one and some on the other.