Repertories for MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks Standard Libraries

Repertories are available for both MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks in different formats, which are designed for the different programs.  In MacRepertory they look and behave like conventional repertories, while in ReferenceWorks they are arranged as repertory extractions.

Here is a list of repertories, which are available for the standard libraries.  There are other nonstandard Repertories available such as the Complete Repertory 2009:

MacRepertory Core Library III
Full Library VI

Some repertories are also available in ReferenceWorks as Repertory Extractions.

 If you have Library Core III and wish to purchase additional repertories you may.
 A list of optional extra repertories can be found here.


Core Library III

Full Library VI
Core III
Library G3
Acute Repertory Yes Yes  
Allen's Repertory   Yes Yes Core III & G3
Bach Mind Repertory   Yes  
Back/Kent Mind Repertory   Yes  
Boger-Boenninghausen Repertory Yes Yes Yes Core III & G3
Boericke's Repertory   Yes Yes Core III & G3
Boger's Synoptic Repertory   Yes  
Clarke's Repertory   Yes Yes Core III & G3
Complete Classics Repertory Yes Yes  
Douglas's Repertory Yes Yes Yes Core III & G3
Eizayaga's Repertory   Yes  
Family Repertory   Yes  
Jahr's Repertory   yes  
Kent's Repertory Yes Yes Yes Core III & G3
Knerr's Repertory   Yes Yes Core III & G3
Marsh's Clinical Repertory   Yes  
Mirilli's Thematic Repertory   Yes Yes G3
Murphy's III Repertory   Yes  
Palmer's Repertory   Yes  
Relationships Repertory Yes Yes  
Robert's Repertory   Yes Yes Core III & G3
Scholten's Repertory   Yes  
Ward's Repertory   Yes Yes Core III & G3
Welte’s Color Repertory Yes    
Welte's Color Repertory 2010