Dr. Rajan Sankaran

 There are a number of books by Dr. Rajan Sankaran, which are available in ReferenceWorks library G3.

They include:

  • Plants 1
  • Plants 2
  • Plants Extra
  • Provings
  • Sensation
  • Soul of Remedies
  • Spirit of Homeopathy
  • Substance of Homeopathy

Some of Dr P. Sankaran's books (his father) are also included in ReferenceWorks Library G3.

  • Bowel Nosodes
  • Nosode Notes
  • Random Notes

If you like to work like him there a number of Family Graphs available to help as well as some extra information.

Here is a video about using MacRepertory with Rajan's method. Click here.

Here is an other video about using ReferenceWorks with Rajan's method.  Click here.