Homeopathic Software; Elegant, Super Friendly and Technically Advanced.

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"These programs offer us tremendous potential..  They're a revolution!  
They have been invaluable for me in my research on plant families and in their daily use in my clinic.
 I am very happy with them."
 Rajan Sankaran, MD

"MacRepertory's concept searches are great for studying materia medica.  
ReferenceWorks is wonderful for seeing families -so many beautiful graphs!
They have helped me cure patients that would have been impossible without them."
 Jan Scholten, MD

"I have used other programs but my results were not nearly as impressive.
Now I strongly encourage all of my students to buy MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks.
They are clearly the best homeopathic software available."
 Massimo Mangialavori, MD

 What really makes the difference is design.  Think of a beautifully constructed building like Sydney's Opera house.
It's both a pleasure to look at and to use.  It makes so much difference to have homeopathic software that is crafted by people who have a genius for design and programming.  It's no easy thing.

Welcome to repertory.org.  A site about Homeopathic Repertory Software. Here you can find information related to homeopathy repertories and software as well as repertorisation techniques, with descriptions of the Homeopathic Repertory.   The  Homeopathy Repertory and Homeopathic Software have come a long way.   Learn about the use of repertory, case-taking, case-analysis and much more!  Find out about ReferenceWorks the most advanced homeopathic software for medicos and homeopaths ever created.   It was made by homeopaths for homeopaths and is distinguished by it's wonderful design and ease of  use.

This is the homeopathic software that the leading homeopaths all over the world use.

 The History of Homeopathy and the Homeopathic Repertory, goes back as far as Jhar, who released the first repertory, soon followed by several Homeopathic Repertories by Boenninghausen, most notable the Therapeautic Pocket Book.  Boger a student of Boenninghausen's produced from a collection of Boenninghausen's repertories, a repertory commonly known as Boenninghausen's Repertory.

ReferenceWorks is an encyclopedic collection of homeopathic materia medica and much more.

An animal homeopathic repertory based on and developed from Boenninghausens's repertory has recently been added.  There are also a number of specialist homeopathic repertories by noted homeopaths such as Scholten, Magliavori and general repertories by Murphy and Van Zanvoort.